Google Analytics Event Tracking without writing messy code.

Send behavioral data of your users to Google Analytics to track and measure conversions, and re-target your potential customers through AdWords.

Google Analytics + Action Recorder - The Powerful Combo

Real-time Event Tracking

Monitor what’s happening on your website or landing pages in real time. In a matter of seconds, you get the data in Google analytics events dashboard.

Behavioural Drip Marketing

Relevance plays a major role in Digital Marketing. Use the power of Google Analytics Event Tracking to set up the right segments and bring them back to the website to take a specific action or complete a journey like on-boarding. Send tailored communications to for each segment.

Event based Re-targeting

Create intelligent events and use them in your campaigns. Eg. Somebody who has added a product to cart, but did not buy - Retarget them with an ad of the same product when they are online and get them to complete the purchase.

Google Analytics Event Tracking simplified with Action Recorder.

For Lead Generation Businesses

You can capture Name, Email, Phone, City and more lead details. Set up and send Google Analytics Custom Events. You can also send this data to your CRM or other tools via our Segment Integration.

For Ecommerce Businesses

Convert your one-time buyers into repeat buyers. Use events in Google Analytics to segment them and target for repeated purchase.

For SaaS Software Product Companies

Expedite on-boarding process, increase engagement and prevent churn. We all love less churn. Ain’t we? All this with your Google Analytics Event data and AdWords.

14-day free trial, $9/month.


Businesses can’t run on one software. Send your data to Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, FreshSales, Intercom, Slack and 175+ tools via our Segment or Zapier integrations.

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