Enrich Events with Attributes

Supplement events with attributes for deeper insights.

Enrich events with text values

Click and choose the html text to associate with events as attributes while sending data to various tools.

Pass JavaScript values

When custom JavaScript functions are triggered the return values can be sent as event attributes.

URL path as event attributes

Send URL path as event attribute data For eg: Product Name, Category, or User ID to enrich your events.

Grab query string parameters

Extract query string parameters like utm_source, utm_medium and other custom parameters.

Pull HTML tag attribute values

HTML tag attribute values can be sent as event attributes along with events. Eg: Image URLs, class values, and other tag attribute values.

Run personalized campaigns

Tapping into the in-depth knowledge about your user’s preferences and interests, you will now be able to run personalized marketing campaigns that are much more effective.

Action Recorder gives flexibility, freedom and wings to digital marketers.