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Tracking code installation

  1. Once the account is created, you will be taken to the product home page where you will be shown a 5 step process to finish account setup
  2. Click on “Install this now” under “Step 2: Tracking Code”

3. You can install the tracking code in 4 different ways, you can paste the code inside the head tag of all the pages you wish to track or forward it to your developer or Install via Google Tag Manager or get in touch with us and we will set your account up for free 🙂

4. Once the code has been installed, click on the “I have installed the code” button

5. Check if your URL is correct and click on “Allow URL”

6. You will get a success note

7. NOTE: This does not mean that you have successfully installed the code on your website. 

How to see if the code on my website works?

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