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There are many CRO tools that give heat maps so that marketers can easily identify how users interact with their websites. But what if marketers can precisely track what actions are their users taking on their website, application or campaigns and deliver timely messages across channels based on their behavior? Event tracking enables marketers to the same and much more.

What is an Event?

An Event is a specific user interaction (button click, form submission, download) with your content on your website.

Why should you track website events?

Tracking website events can help marketers understand customer behavior and use it to trigger timely follow ups across channels.

Page visit tracking (read-blog)

Track how engaging your content is for your visitors,

  1. Login to your CustomerLabs account
  2. Launch Action Recorder by clicking the icon 
  3. You will be redirected to your website and Action Recorder panel will open up
  4. You can move the panel up or down by clicking the icon
  5. Click on “Record Action” to start recording 
  6. Scroll below and click on “Custom” to create a custom event name (Custom event name is “Page visited” in this case
  7. Change the Action Type to “Pageview” and click “Add details”

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