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Automating full funnel personalised retargeting across channels

March 26, 2018   |
   Vishnu Vankayala
Every marketer is aware of the fact personalised retargeting is the best way to communicate with customers and I’m pretty sure every marketer aware of the marketing funnel, just-in-case if you are a newbie and I must suggest – have a look at how to create one straight away. My previous post about marketing funnel and customer lifecycle could be the best place to start.

The Marketing Funnel

Assuming you’ve already figured out how to work with funnels, the next ideal option is to check how the customers are moving across the funnel stages i.e. (TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU) There are two major reasons why we create marketing funnels, a)┬áTo understand the customer journey and steps they take to achieve their desired action. (Aha Moments/Paid/Trial) b) To assist the customers in taking the desired action.

Personalisation: You are in a store

In the real world scenario, when you are in the store for your anniversary shopping and searching for an important item in the food section let’s say ………….. (Fill in your partner’s favorite item), the storekeeper walks up to you and assist you. When our customers are stuck in between the funnel stages, they need motivation and assurance to go ahead to the next step we should be able to assist them either proactively or reactively. i.e. either you go and ask a sales guy “Yo, where do I find this / Excuse me where can I find this” or a sales guy can assist you by watching you struggling – smart sales person always does the latter. Likewise, the marketer should reach back to the customer if he’s struggling to take the desired action at that particular stage. In the real-world, we can interact with the customer face-to-face, but the online world we cannot establish communication with them, okay live chat might help but what if he leaves the website. The advantage of the internet is you can reach back to your customers to assist them and motivate them even when they leave the website by retargeting them.

Full Funnel Personalised Retargeting Campaigns

As a marketer, we always need to be proactive while assisting our customers as much as possible. We should use software like drift, intercom to trigger custom messages to our customers while they are on the website to assist them in taking actions which will move them closer to taking their desired action. We also should know at which stage our customers are in ( you don’t want to suggest a customer who has already gone pass signup to signup again, you don’t want to ask a customer to add to cart who already purchased the items, you don’t want to ask a student to accept an offer letter who has already registered at the university). You get the idea right, you should know at which stage the customer is in so that you can assist them properly without annoying them – this is where the full funnel personalisation comes handy. But then…

Assisting Customers Across channels

What’s your email open rate? If you’ve got double digits you are doing amazing email marketing, but 99% of the marketers know email open rates are at a single digit. Hence, we should ideally start motivating and assisting our customers in all other channels where they usually hangout – Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Instagram. For an e-commerce company, it’s time-consuming because you need to insert all the channels pixel and start sending data by writing custom code for every single event you’d like to track for each stage of your funnel. For other businesses If there’s an offline sales personnel involved the data will be changing dynamically every day and customers would be moving across the stages quite often, you don’t want to sound like a lame marketer who’s reaching out to customers after taking the desired action. In that case, as a marketer, you need to have a deal with your CRM/sales team to share their data once in two days(many platforms takes 24 hours to create audience) and upload them into various platforms let’s just say three for the moment. Assuming you’ve at least 5 stages, 3 platforms you need to upload your data from 15 different excel sheets of data once in days into 3 different platforms. In fact you can avoid that by automating it using CustomerLabs

Automating Full Funnel Personalising Campaigns across Channels

I strongly believe digital marketers can spend their time on establishing communications with customers rather doing mundane and repeated jobs. Spend time on creative work, the science of debugging customers psychology and automate most of the tasks which can be done with a few clicks. I’ll take you through how you can automate this process:

Setting up event tracking using CustomerLabs

CustomerLabs comes handy to track event tracking on the website which lets you track events/form submissions without writing any code. You’ll flip a switch, CustomerLabs will share the event data with channels you’ve enabled in your integrations dashboard.

Install the javascript code for event tracking

For any event tracking using pixels you need to install the javascript on your website: CustomerLabs - insert Javascript Snippet Track the events on your website. The event is an action which your customers take to achieve the desired action, for eg: Added to Cart, Purchased, Enquired, Downloaded, Offer letter accepted. With Customerlabs Action Recorder you can choose the buttons/forms/pages you’d like to track: If you’d like to know how to track forms and much more advanced configurations you can use visit, Once that’s done, now you need to share this information to various channels like Facebook, Adwords, Drip: Choose facebook and enter the pixel code: Once you enter the pixel code you, Action recorder will start sharing the customer data with the Facebook pixel in the format which facebook understands.

Sync Custom Audience with Facebook

Like we discussed before if we’d like to sync the customer data from the sales team, sending data through pixels won’t work. We should upload the data to Action Recorder using API or if you are using any known CRM/tool we can release an integration to pull the data from that tool. For more information on api’s, check here. Once we have the data inside the platform you can start creating segments, To upload your customer data to other platforms you should have emails ids for your prospective customers. Once you create segments/funnel stages you can now sync the customers with Facebook or other channels. The segments with user email ids will synced with Facebook every 48 hours once, automatically. If you’d like to automate this with other platforms, customerlabs will sync the data with them automatically. The list will be available across all the channels, you can start targeting the customers with the same message to take the desired action. Create a campaign with customer list to communicate, assist and build a brand with them. It doesn’t have to take weeks/months to launch this full funnel personalised retargeting campaigns. All it takes is few clicks to go live. CustomerLabs provides digital marketing infrastructure to manage marketing operations. If you’d like to learn more, send us a message using that green thing here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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