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5 Data-driven marketing books every marketer should read

February 5, 2019   |
   Madhan Raj

Data-driven marketing is the newest and the most advanced marketing strategy to increase the ROI of the marketing spend.

The latest hype for marketers, data-driven marketing is a unique methodology that uses insights and results from user data to provide personalized ads and content in the digital marketing medium. All major brands have got in and smaller brands already queueing up there is a horizon of opportunities for marketers in data-driven marketing. You can make a planned decision and achieve results easily with such detailed data. Of course, what is going to be easier than numbers to decide.

Marketing as a whole tends to change its nature every now and then. Earlier it was billboards, then new letters and now ads appear on your handheld devices. As the ads and the places, they show up get personal and unique same does the way of marketing evolved to target customers. This is done with user data, either company generated, surveyed or browsing stats, etc. These data are analyzed, segmented and used with AI that caters end users with personalized adds according to their needs either automatically or semi-manually.

Digital marketing being the most effective of all another marketing medium, it is necessary for every marketer to learn data-driven marketing to withstand in the marketing sector. Here we have handpicked a few books based on expert reviews, our opinions and the reach of the books.

“Data-driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know” by Mark Jeffry

This book lays the perfect foundation of data-driven marketing even to those who are not so deep into marketing. Metrics marketing clarifies everything about metrics, how they are related and how it can favor marketing and boost the ROI of the marketing campaign.

The metrics marketing or agile marketing, as mentioned by the author is a great tool to take advantage of the business and IT development in the current scenario. Mark Jeffrey, the author of the book who is a senior professor and head of technology at Kellogg School of Management and runs a marketing agency of his own has nailed a beginner’s 101 on data-driven marketing. What is lacking though, is deeper insights on social media marketing and how to make personalized ads to the target audience but the package is must read for everyone wishing to get into data-driven marketing.

“Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Start-up Faster” by O’Reilly

One of the books of the Lean series by O’Reilly is a guide to how data and analytics play the vital part in growing the startup that every start-up should right away adopt to grow faster.

The whole of the book is driven by ideologies from well-known people from the digital marketing platform, Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskowitz. They discuss the metrics of start-ups and how and when which metric needs to be taken into account for the growth. Alistair’s one metric technique for identifying and sticking to the right metrics to grow suits every start-up idea. The book offers practical guidance on decision making based on metrics and helps grow a start-up using data-driven marketing. The examples referred by O’Reilly makes it very relatable and quickly grasping. Reading this as a start-up executive urges you to read all other books of the series especially “Lean Start-ups”.

“Digital Marketing Analytics:  Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World” by Chuck Herman and Ken Burbary

As said earlier metrics is the most important tool in marketing and this book emphasis a lot on how digital analytics can shape your marketing. It elaborates on how user data can be advantages in every marketing process and has a very deeper insight and knowledge on the topic.

Both the authors are renowned for their work in the digital marketing field for years and now serve chief officers of marketing in their respective companies. Their insights and field knowledge is clearly evident in the book through gallons of knowledge that they have provided. The book is clearly not for beginners but for people who are trying to get serious in data-driven marketing. This book will serve as a great reference with deeper field knowledge to keep coming back now and then.  

“The Big Data-Driven Business: How to Use Big Data to Win Customers, Beat Competitors, and Boost Profits” By Russell Glass and Sean Callahan

You get to the know the impact on marketing and as a business, Big data is capable of causing. With every business gaining access to big data in some form, this book guides to have great outcomes when big data put to proper use in data-driven marketing strategy.

The authors talk about how with newer trends every now and then, customers and their interests are the key resources that are game changers for every business in the modern era. They teach how the business should make use of such a large user data to help choose the right marketing with the help of AI.

“Data Driven: Harnessing Data and AI to Reinvent Customer Engagement” by Tom Chavez, Chris O’Hara, Vivek Vaidya

Data-driven marketing has harnessed great heights but on the contrary, user data exploitation is a raising jargon when it comes to data security. This book is a handbook stand right in the middle, not disappointing the end user while still managing to make the best ROI.

This hopefully will be the future handbook of data-driven marketing as the author mostly deals with the amount of transparency in data collection, the rightful usage of information collected from the user. It also has various examples of using the right amount of information for marketing with the help of AI.


No two book are the same or compete against each other. All of our picks have a different purpose and widens your knowledge on data-driven marketing as a whole before you get into it. We recommend reading all of the above if you are planning to take up a serious career in data-driven marketing.

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