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Product Analytics vs Marketing Analytics

What is product analytics? Every company likes to retain their first-time users and get more out of them. Product analytics helps you in knowing critical information like percentage of users signed up and completed the action which you would like them to perform. Companies can focus on providing great user... read more →
Nov 01
Sep 29

5 Productivity tools that digital marketers simply love

The technology advancement and marketing automation have given rise to an endless amount of tools to marketers which makes their life better and easier day-by-day. Being a digital marketer it often feels hard in picking up the right tools and sometimes end up using multiple tools for completing one particular... read more →
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Set up shopping cart abandonment campaigns in Drip

I’m sure every eCommerce site owner knows the importance of cart abandonment campaigns to get the users back in the funnel. However, setting up cart abandonment campaigns in Drip is quite tedious and laborious. To make life easier for those who rely on the Drip I thought of writing this guide to... read more →