Democratizing digital marketing and analytics
for small businesses across the globe

Core Principles


Making digital marketing a level playing field for millions of small businesses - our agenda. Today, tools that offer any practical value are affordable only by big corporates. Free tools just gather data and dust. We build affordable solutions easily accessible and immediately useful to millions of small businesses. So they empower the society in positive ways.


When you’re competing with 100s of businesses selling similar products or competing offerings to the same market, and to dominate your market in style, you need a solid strategy that squarely gives exactly what your customer needs. Our linchpin solutions built rapidly guarantee the impact you seek and help you out-perform the competition.


Always keep customer needs, goals, problems, feelings and dreams in plain sight. Work in their best interest, subordinating our business needs. Protect customers, deeply caring about their well-being at all times. Become their most prized advisor.


Our employees are our prized possession. Constantly seeking out for their development, personal and career success, happiness and financial abundance is a 24/7 pursuit at CustomerLabs.

Our Story

It all started with a pilot digital marketing campaign back in 2012. We wanted to run a campaign across multiple channels and measure the effectiveness of each channel and take the digital marketing strategy to the next level.

What we found out during the process was that we had to use almost 9 tools to run a single digital marketing campaign effectively and track it. Moreover, despite using so many tools – insights were far from a reality – had to crunch to tons of data to make some sense out of it.

Fed up with the inefficiency, Vishnu and I started looking for a tool that gave us an entire picture. There were many tools that gave a partial sense of what was happening in our digital marketing world, but none that gave a complete view. Some tools like Google Analytics, which were ubiquitously used, had already crossed the threshold of what we call “usable” for a normal digital marketer.

Finally, after all the tiresome research and agony of using many tools that didn’t solve the problem in its entirety, we ended up creating CustomerLabs.

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