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   Flexible & powerful alternative to both Google Tag Manager & Segment. We were able to quickly tag and identify core events & use that data to provide a better experience to our customers, while also effectively retargeting them on various ad platforms   

Taylor B

CEO  Cognisec Inc


Why engage with personas,
When you can engage with people

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Scale your ecommerce business with the right data

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Track & nurture your potential customers

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Improve product engagement and reduce churn

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Capture your customer data from any source

'Point & Click’ UI to track all
your website events

Capture specific website events that make the most sense for your marketing using Action Recorder. A point-click tool for marketers to collect website customer behavior data quickly.

Set up event tracking, pixels and analytics using a simple point & click interface.

Track conversions, form submissions, button clicks and pageviews to send highly personalized follow-ups.

Track ecommerce events such as product views, abandoned carts, checkouts and purchases along with various product attributes.

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Action recorder a no-coding alternative to Google Tag Manager
Unify customer data from all platforms

Unify customer data from all platforms. No coding required.

Combine customer touchpoint data from multiple sources such as email marketing tools, CRMs and service platforms using webhooks.

Track the entire customer journey, right from being an anonymous visitor to making a purchase.

View a timeline of events to understand your customers better.

Use our intuitive UI to bring data from your preferred platform which supports webhooks, without writing a single line of code.

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Identify & create a 360° view of your customers

Holistic view of your users

Align disparate User IDs across platforms and get a cohesive, 360 degree view of your customers.

Track anonymous visitor behavior & attributes to form a single customer profile using Identity Resolution.

Merge or delete duplicates to maintain a streamlined customer profile.

Create highly personalized ads based on the funnel stage of your customers.

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Holistic view of your users

Create custom segments to personalize engagement

Advanced Customer segmentation

Advanced Customer segmentation

Categorize customers into similar sub-groups for better engagement.

Group your customers by behavior, touchpoints or any possible way suited for your marketing efforts.

Build custom segments on the fly and optimize your engagement strategy in real-time.

Deliver contextual messages and promotions to the right segment to increase ROI.

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Sync behavior data and segments with the platform of your choice

Integrate all your systems

Send the standardized customer data to your existing systems to orchestrate campaigns that convert.

Activate your data by connecting to your existing marketing tools.

Automate and trigger relevant actions across your marketing, advertising & customer service channels.

Collaborate with other teams and unlock the true potential of your customer data.

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Integrate all your systems

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  There are fewer companies that have good customer service. And then you have CustomerLabs, whose customer service is 1 in 1000.  

Nicholas Singh

Project Manager, Hair and Compounds,


Works very well with

You can track events on all famous platforms such as Shopify, LeadSquared, Woocommerce,
Wix, Magento, Wordpress, Unbounce, Instapage, Leadpages and more.

Send customer data to all your marketing tools


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