Without any coding, track everything on your website and integrate with all your marketing tools.

Power your marketing tools with customer data without coding or developers. With Action Recorder, you simply point-and-click to track the user actions on your website, and then send it to your favourite tools for extracting useful insights and ultra personalised marketing campaigns.

Focus on customers, not on setting up tools.

More power and wings to digital marketers

Point-click to track

Point-click to track forms, button clicks, conversions, add to cart, purchases, products viewed on the website, don’t ever code again or rely on the developer to track your customers​ and all the detailed data.

Send data to marketing tools

Send customer data to your favourite marketing tool in the format it understands. Which means you don’t have to code again or rely on the developer whenever you’d like to track something new or try a new tool. Flip a button, your customer data will be synced in real time to your marketing tools.

Track users behavior with a few clicks

Empower marketing tools with customer data

Put your data to work

Works along with

You can track events on all the famous platforms like Shopify, LeadSquared, Woocommerce, Magento, Wordpress, Unbounce, Instapage and Leadpages.

Get started today with how to videos

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Action Recorder gives flexibility, freedom and wings to digital marketers.