Track your customers data and send all your data to analytics tools, CRM and ad platforms.

Set up event analytics in 3 easy steps without coding, honestly.

For ECommerce

Track events - like Added to cart, Product clicked, Product Viewed, Added to wishlist, Checkout made, Products searched and more - without developer assistance. Sync the data with Google Analytics, Facebook Custom Audience, Mailchimp, Twitter and more.

Works well with leading platforms, like Shopify, Woocommerce, Spacecommerce, 3dCart, Magento and other leading e-commerce platforms.

Bring back your lost customers, to improve their lifetime value by targeting across various ad platforms.

Understand your users, who did not make a purchase by syncing the data with leading analytics tools.

For SaaS

Track in-app activity like button clicks, friends invited, user logged in, number of projects created, contacts added, requested data backup and any other important events a user takes, without developer assistance.

Nurture and guide your customers, till they realize the first value of your product by reaching out to them beyond email.

Identify churning customers, by tracking sensitive and leading indicators like - no login for a long time, data backup requests, credit card declines, and more.

Run integrated lifecycle campaigns, by syncing data with sales, marketing, ad and A/B testing platforms to manage your customer lifecycle.

Tracking Forms

Track your form submits and the data, without relying on a developer. Send the data to your existing marketing and sales software tools including - CRMs, analytics tools, ad and marketing platforms.

Segment your audience, based on the input fields like categories, courses, numbers, services requested, and more.

Personalize your campaigns, for the segmented audience across all ad and email platforms by syncing the data automatically.

Works well with leading landing page software, like Leadpages, Instapage, Unbounce as well as your custom website forms.

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Customers Happiness

  • CustomerLabs is a lovely product which has helped us a lot to track user actions on our website without much developer intervention… will help in increasing conversion % significantly… Strongly recommend it to the Digital Marketers out there.

    • Karthik KR
    • Digital Marketing Head, CredR
  • …To people who are not so tech savvy like me, you now have an app in CustomerLabs which helped me in reducing tons of dollars in investment to write codes to interface with segment by hiring professionals to do so… Furthermore, it is done in just few clicks...

    • Ashok
    • CEO, Ultra channel