Track and sync your customer data across marketing tools.

Point-Click tool to track website events and sync it with 3rd party tools like analytics, marketing and data lake in seconds.

“CustomerLabs is a lovely product which has helped us a lot to track user actions on our website without much developer intervention”

Karthik KR

Why Action Recorder

No coding skills needed

As a marketer-friendly tool, Action Recorder enables digital marketering teams to not depend on busy developers, but instead set up event tracking by themselves.

Increases productivity

Digital marketers and developers see a jump in their productivity, thanks to the easy point-and-click set up steps. They can do more in less time.

Lowers engineering Costs

Action Recorder saves engineering costs by freeing up the time developers spend on implementing and maintaining event tracking scripts for the various tools.

Send data to 100+ tools

Set up tracking once and automatically send data in the format that your tools expect.

Rethink your approach to event tracking with Action Recorder.